Movie Review

Warm Bodies


Warm Bodies shares a lot in common with last year’s Chronicle, a film I really enjoyed. Like Josh Trank’s debut, warm Bodies is a film with surprisingly large scale that somehow managed to slip under the radar of most film buffs and journalists; I had heard nothing about it until a trailer was released, and it […]

Movie Review

The Beast and The New World


Director Peter Dukes has been making budget short films since 1999. In this piece, Tim and I review two of his more recent efforts. The first is a horror/fantasy werewolf film entitled The Beast starring Bill Oberst, Jr. The other is an award-winning fantasy/science fiction short entitled The New World starring Katy Townsend. The Beast One criterion on […]


Carrey and Daniels Onboard for Dumb and Dumber To

According to a Reddit AMA thread, director Peter Farrelly has confirmed that Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are going to “totally redeem themselves” in Dumb and Dumber To: “Yes. Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are in.” If, like me, Dumb and Dumber shaped your childhood, this news is a dream come true. Farrelly goes on to mention some side […]

Movie Review

Promised Land

When I saw the first TV spots for Promised Land back in late November, I mostly ignored the actual content of the advertisement in favor of the text that ran right after the title. It looked like this: That list of names got me all hot and bothered. Notoriously hit-or-miss director Gus Van Sant (Good […]


Steve’s Ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2013


Making a list of films I anticipate for the coming year almost never works. I always wind up finding more films that I’m dying to see, and sometimes forget about the ones that I originally planned to watch. I saw over one hundred films that were released last year and I only estimated I’d see […]


Ari’s Top Ten Movies of 2012


This was my first year as a fully-enrolled film student. Sometimes I worry becoming a filmmaker will make it harder to enjoy movies as a filmgoer. Thankfully, I haven’t become a bitter old quite hack yet; there were some movies I got really excited about this past year. So without further ado, here are ten […]

Movie Review

Not Fade Away

That tagline pretty much outlines exactly what's wrong with this movie

While I am an avid HBO original series enthusiast (Rome, Deadwood, etc.), I admit never got acquainted with David Chase’s The Sopranos. I remember the show’s rise and its subsequent immense popularity, but I was too young at the time to start watching and I haven’t found the time to since. In any case, the […]


Five Movie Fails for 2012


Sometimes movies are just plain bad, as we well know. But in this author’s humble opinion, seeing the films that we wanted so badly to like crash and burn is much, much worse. Here’s a list of five films that were nowhere near as good as they should have been, making them the biggest disappointments […]