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Men in Black 3

Guess who's black?

It is not often that one has the privilege of reviewing a good second sequel to an almost 15-year-old franchise. At this point in the film industry, it is commonplace to become jaded with the onslaught of sequels, chalking the lack of new intellectual properties up to the cursed dearth of originality in Hollywood. And […]


Finding Nemo Is the Saddest Story Ever


When Finding Nemo was released in 2003, a ten-year-old version of me thought it was a wonderfully funny little film. Even back then I was always looking for things to complain about and I remember telling my mother that the movie had suffered because trailers had spoiled many of the best gags. However, I know […]


This Guy is Awesome


I love it when nerds do something creative with their time. So about a week ago, after seeing The Avengers, I found this awesome little clip online of some serious Iron Man cosplaying: It was brought to my attention that the guy who created the costume has in fact worked on recreating many of the other […]


The Avengers is Assembled Well-Enough


My friend Josh Rosenfield over on Popcorn Culture recently wrote a critique of The Avengers. While it was a well-written analysis, it was, shall we say, somewhat less favorable than I was with my review. I felt that the points I wanted to make into rebuttal to that post were too much for a comment, so I decided to […]


Batmobile Documentary Incoming


UPDATE: The Huffington Post has officially revealed The Batmobile, a documentary set to air on the CW on July 16 at 8pm EST. The special will premiere at Comic-Con on July 12. You may remember the above image from a post I wrote on Twitter and Facebook. At the time, it was unclear under what circumstances the photo […]


Superheroes Are Not In Decline


One of Roger Ebert’s “Far Flung Correspondents,” Michael Mirasol, recently wrote an article entitled The rise and decline of the superhero. It’s a very interesting and well-written piece, and even includes a video essay to accompany the text. However, I cannot say that my views totally gel with Mr. Mirasol’s assessments. I think it’s always […]

Movie Review

The Avengers


Well here we are – it’s May, and The Avengers, my second most anticipated movie of the year (out-shined only by the behemoth that is The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey), has finally been released. Under the direction of perhaps one of my favorite writer/directors, Joss Whedon, my expectations for the film were tempered only by some […]