Batmobile Documentary Incoming


The Huffington Post has officially revealed The Batmobile, a documentary set to air on the CW on July 16 at 8pm EST. The special will premiere at Comic-Con on July 12.

You may remember the above image from a post I wrote on Twitter and Facebook. At the time, it was unclear under what circumstances the photo had been taken. However, through information gleaned from one of my contacts, it turns out there is might be something very cool happening out in California.

According to my contact, this little motorcade is actually part of something pretty wonderful; it appears that this photo was taken in April of this year outside of Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, and the slideshow gallery shows some shots of the vehicles at alocal car show – but word on the street is that this is all preparation for a documentary on Batman. Sounds pretty cool to me!

If this story is true, I am especially anxious to see what sort of artistic choices were made for each of the on-screen iterations. In terms of preference, my own vote goes to the second one back from the 60s version; Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns had some awesome aesthetics, and I really dug the look and functionality of that particular design.

~ Søren

How about you – which Batmobile is your favorite? And are you excited for the possibility of a Batman documentary?

  • deathleaper

    ‘one of my contacts’
    Who are you, the Mossad?
    Interesting idea. A Batman documentary, especially if it looks at the character from a more cultural perspective, and uses Batman as a sort of vehicle (no pun intended) to explore how the United States has changed over the years, could be fascinating. As for my favorite Batmobile, I’m going to pick an unpopular choice and go with Nolan’s Tumbler. The raw utilitarianism and functional design fit in excellently with the gritty, almost minimalist style of ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘The Dark Knight.’

    • kimonoko

      Wow, interesting choice; I was always a fan of the long and sleek over the compact and bulky as far as the Batmobile goes… Oof, I’m sure this comment will never get taken out of context to haunt me.

      Anyway, to answer your question, yes. Yes I am.

      • deathleaper

        See, I look at each Batmobile as emblematic of that Batman iteration. The 60’s Batmobile is goofy and ostentatious and impractical, like the Adam West Batman who drove it. The Tim Burtonmobile, fitting with the neo-noir 1940’s Gothic aesthetic of the Burton films, appropriately looks like a luxury car from that era crossed with an F1 car, all curves and swoops reminiscent of the Art Deco period and the marine stylings of that era’s automobiles. The Schumacher Batmobile fits in with that era’s Batman by looking f*****g stupid. Finally the Tumbler is an excellent representation of the deconstructive Nolan era, because in-universe it’s a repurposed bit of mothballed military hardware. Bruce Wayne isn’t going to sink thousands of dollars to make a bat-shaped car, in the realistic (well, as realistic as Batman can get) Nolanverse, he’s going to use what he can and put that money somewhere else. It isn’t goofy or stylized or overly-exaggerated, it’s functional. It looks like something that could actually absorb the impressive amounts of punishment we see it absorbing. The Tumbler actually looks like something that could stop high-caliber bullets or tank shells or (lol spoilers) an eventual RPG, unlike the dainty Batmobiles of years past. Nolan-Batman is a tough son of a bitch, and he has the Batmobile to match. And I f*****g love Nolan-Batman.