Movie Review

Beasts of the Southern Wild


Each time the Sundance Film Festival rolls around, there are two categories of film which make the news: those that are so far off of the deep end that people become visibly upset by what they see on-screen, and those that people view as possible Oscar contenders for Best Picture. Beasts of the Southern Wild, a film depicting […]

Movie Review

The Amazing Spider-Man

This guy's got the part locked-down

It has been a long, long decade since Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man debuted in 2002. The comic book film universe has been on a roller coaster of highs and lows, producing everything from drivel like Ang Lee’s Hulk and Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand to blockbuster hits like Jon Favreau’s Iron Man and Christopher Nolan’s […]

Movie Review

To Rome with Love


Coming off of his fourth Academy Award for the wonderful Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen attempts once again to catch that European lightning in a bottle with To Rome with Love. Unfortunately for him, comparisons to his last film are inevitable, making the fact that To Rome doesn’t measure up to the quality of the writing, story, dialogue, or […]


SDCC 2012


Some very exciting news has come out of San Diego Comic-Con 2012. For all your folks whose psychic powers weren’t in effect last year when we had the [very brief] opportunity to buy tickets, we’ve decided to outline the very juiciest tidbits out of SDCC. And so without further ado… Godzilla First up we have Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla […]


The Hobbit Scroll


As a part of Comic-Con 2012, Entertainment Weekly has just released a fascinating piece of promotional advertising for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey depicting many of the film’s important scenes. The 48 frames per second debacle aside, I have to say this scroll certainly stands to reassure the wary viewers out there that at […]


Understanding Take Shelter


I really liked Take Shelter. As a drama it succeeded in building an emotional bridge between the audience and its characters, and as a thriller it kept the audience guessing about the sanity of its protagonist. The ending of Take Shelter is also well-crafted and multilayered, and is deftly executed by writer/director Jeff Nichols. However, this complexity also leads us […]